Teen Bedroom Decorating Tips, Tricks & Projects

Teens need a space to call their own, to give them room to grow their independence and to find out who they are, what they like, to dream… However, their thoughts on decorating their rooms often clashes with what their parents think they “should” look like.  Teens are just looking for a way to express their own sense of style and creativity, and parents are just looking for a way to save a few dollars while doing it! Here are my top five teen bedroom decorating tips for making your teens happy with their space.






Teen bedroom decorating tips & projects




Feel free to use color in a teens room with much more abandon than you would in a public area…most teens respond to color and pattern. Just remember, their idea of color and pattern may be very different from yours. This doesn’t mean they get their way entirely, it’s still your house, your rules. But try to take into account that it is, their room, and be a little flexible. Suggest painting each wall a different color with the most dramatic color directly behind the bed for drama. (They are teens, after all!:)) Don’t forget the ceiling. Remember, warm colors like red and orange energize a space, while cool colors such as blue and purple bring calm. Some teens might like a bright space, where others prefer a more sophisticated palette. Match your color scheme to your teens needs and personality.


We love this DIY Neon wall light from ‘HGTV‘! This really is a DIY project, and it’s easy and fast! And of course, you can use any word or name you choose. Love it!


This DIY asymmetrical striped wall from ‘Classy Clutter‘ adds color and pattern, and I love the contrasting headboard! This paint treatment could be adapted for both a girl or a guy, depending on the colors you used.



Pattern adds energy to a room, and no one thrives off an energetic atmosphere better than a teen! To keep the look from being too busy, try pairing a print with a geometric, and temper the look with a solid. Use patterns that encompass the rooms’ color scheme to keep things looking uniform. Mandi at ‘Vintage Revivals’ has the pattern thing down. If your teen loves high energy in their room, then this DIY honeycomb wall is perfect! Remember, you could choose any color scheme, and as many or as few different colors as your teen chooses. The fewer colors, the less energy.


Want to add pattern in a guys room? Try this idea from ‘Project Nursery‘. (OK, you don’t have to tell them it was from a baby site!) They used 12 inch wide planks attached over a navy painted wall for a masculine look.



Offer your teen a way to keep the clutter and mess to a minimum, and they will find their space much more enjoyable. (And much less conflict for you!) Plastic bins or baskets can go a long way to corralling school papers, makeup and jewelry, and knick knacks. Use drawstring bags, hooks attached to the walls or inside closets, or boxes under the bed for hobby items. Make sure they have plenty of hangars so they never have that excuse. If they absolutely cannot find it in their hearts to hang up their own clothes, consider installing a closet system with shelves to place their folded clothes on. Better than the floor!

Our daughter and myself collect little shopping bags like lint on wool. Can’t help it, they are so cute! Check out this shopping bag organizing project from ‘Le Zoe Musings’ that is a perfect way to hang on to them, yet make them more than a pile in the closet. Attached to the wall with simple push pins, add these in groups for easy desk or beauty storage.


In The Know Mom‘ made a DIY vanity station for her teens’ room using an inexpensive desk with a drawer. You could add to this DIY by checking out our post on DIY Makeup Organizers!


Love this project! If you want a full tutorial, then jump over to ‘Jenna Burger Design‘ and see how she made these DIY honeycomb shelves. This is a really fun way to keep your teen organized.



The bed is the primary piece of furniture in a teens room, and their usual hang out spot. So make it important in the room. Make throw pillows for it, pick up a couple of yards of fleece to make a blanket throw, paint a headboard panel behind it in a contrasting color. Paint the bed frame itself one of the brighter accent colors in the room. For girls, pick up an inexpensive netting canopy, or hang your own fabric or LED string lights from the ceiling with small hooks. In a boys room, remember, less is more. Solid colors, fewer pillows, and a place to set their sodas and snacks will all be appreciated!

At ‘Classy Clutter’, they did a surprise teen bedroom makeover for a girl who was facing some tough surgeries… Not only was the gesture amazing, this room is too! This is a good example of what you can do, even if you are renting. The dots on the wall and the quote above the bed make the focal wall stand out, but are easily removable peel and stick. They added color in pillows and painted an inexpensive Ikea nightstands this soft pink. They purchased their headboard, but you can learn to make an upholstered headboard yourself!



Help them find a way to display awards, trophies, or certificates that speak of what is important to them. Don’t judge whether your teens bedroom decorating taste is boring, or loud, or tacky…even if they want it black! (That doesn’t mean you have to let them have it, just don’t judge them for it. Chalkboard paint is the perfect compromise!) A great way to do this is with fun accessories. Got a teen girl? Love this DIY rustic letters with flowers project from Toni at ‘Design Dazzle‘. It doesn’t have to be her whole name, either. An initial? Monogram? How about an inspirational word, like “Strength”?


Create this DIY felt letter wall art with your teen’s favorite quote, to keep them motivated! From ‘A Beautiful Mess’!


Let a floor mirror double the sparkle from LED string lights. Simple trick with lots of payback. From ‘Popsugar‘.


This DIY lighted Marquee letter is a perfect way to customize your teen bedroom decorating scheme. From ‘Sugar & Cloth’ via ‘Grey Likes Nesting‘, this easy tutorial will bring a little sparkle to the room!

Let them experiment with their creativity and have fun with teen bedroom decorating! If you enjoyed this post, try 18 DIY bed frames!

Image Credits: Classy ClutterHGTVClassy ClutterVintage Revivals Project NurseryLe Zoe MusingsIn The Know MomJenna BurgerDesign DazzleA Beautiful MessPopsugarGrey Likes Nesting

Source: https://www.thebudgetdecorator.com



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